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Kompassion Kimono - Rose/Gold

Kompassion Kimono - Rose/Gold

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Handmade in India these beautiful Kimono’s are made from a blend of Indian silk and viscose that feel gorgeous against the skin. Each one has been handled with tender care and infused with a bespoke blend of essential oils and botanical essences to help evoke a deeper sense of compassion and love towards yourself. 

Our Kompassion Kimono is one size fits all with an elasticated sleeve so that you can position the sleeve to the length you prefer. This versatile piece will take you from the boudoir to the yoga studio, from  poolside to an evening out, or from the office to school run.

Wear it with intention anytime you need an extra dose of self compassion.

Just like you this kimono is a one off. No two Kompassion Kimono’s are identical. We celebrate that you are unique by ensuring that every kimono is too.

You will find the kimono’s fall into one of 4 colour ranges: earth, jade, rose/gold and turquoise/red but each one is individual and we cannot guarantee that you receive a specific kimono within the colour range.

The kimonos are one size fits all.

Product Specs

- Handmade in India
- Silk and viscose blend
- Elasticated sleeve
- One size fits all

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