The Boddevi Way

We know that the old ways are no longer working. Self sacrifice, overextending yourself, saying yes when your body is screaming no, giving more than you are open to receiving and pushing yourself to your body’s limit is no longer sustainable.

We cannot lead creatively and adapt to a fast changing world when we are always sick and tired. When women are having to self medicate or numb out to get through a day we have a problem.

When our women are exhausted we have lost access to one of the most valuable resources we have. Even neuroscientist Tara Swart has gone so far as to say that the female brain is the most untapped resource in a boardroom.

For our children, for ourselves, for our communities we know that it is time for us to change the ways that we relate to ourselves.

So Boddevi was born upon this wave of change.

Boddevi is a fusion of two words: BODY + DEVI.

Devi is a word of Sanskrit origin that refers to a feminine goddess having various roles and manifestations.

The union of these two words brings our attention to the residing ever constant presence of a sacred creative current  that animates through the physical form.

Boddevi asks us to honour the body as sacred ground. It invites us to dress the body, feed it, move it and speak to and of it in ways that honour the holy land that it is.

Boddevi hopes to inspire a wave of self loving individuals who choose to adopt self care as a devotional practice. When you flourish, everyone around you is nourished by your presence.

Through lived experience and science we know that the body thrives when engaged in practices that evoke pleasure, connection, joy and deep relaxation. We know that the right mix of hormones blend to create health, radiance and vitality when the body is nourished, when it is tenderly cared for and listened to. 

Our intention is to support you in creating the best environment for the wellness of your whole being: mind, body and spirit.

We want to live in a world in which you are thriving and bringing all that you are.


“I am the love that I am looking for”