“My Body, I am here, I am listening”

“My Body, I am here, I am listening”

The body is not the fallible machine you were taught it is, it’ not something to fear or feel shame about.
Your body is a wildly intelligent biofeedback organism, communicating with you in every symptom, sensation, tightening or tingle.

What has your body been trying to tell you that perhaps you have been ignoring?
If you really listen what wisdom is waiting to be uncovered?

Perhaps you would like to explore that conversation in the pages of a journal devoted to one of the most sacred conversations you can ever have - the one between you and your body.

It’s your space to say to your body:
“Body, I am here, I am listening”

What is she waiting to tell you?

This is a sneak peak of the cover and it’s coming to you very soon. We can’t wait for you to explore your body’s unique language in its pages 💛
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