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Printable Planner Bundle - Gold

Printable Planner Bundle - Gold

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The Boddevi Daily Planner is the day planner that puts you first. 

If you are ready to take control of your energy then this is the planner for you. 

Here at Boddevi we believe that pleasure and rest are not luxuries you earn after you have worked hard enough to deserve them. We know that your body thrives and heals when you are in a state of deep relaxation and pleasure. That is why we aim to help you build these into your life rather than place them as bookends either side of it. With this in mind our printable planner has a simple but powerful 5 Minute R.E.S.T Ritual positioned throughout your day and invites you to be mindful of your unique energy rhythms and hormonal cycles as you go about your tasks.

We want you to thrive and feel your best and have plenty of energy for the life that you desire. It starts with a plan!

This bundle also comes with a bonus To Do List that can help you to demonstrate your intention to live a life that is far more self-honouring and kind to your nervous system. Use the Boddevi To Do List to explore what really needs your attention, what can wait, what help you need and how to  say that ever important but challenging little word… NO. It even includes a priority space for you to write yourself a little note of love, praise or encouragement.

Product Specs

- Downloadable PDF's
- A4 Size
- Includes instructions for use & R.E.S.T Ritual

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