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Self-sacrifice Organic Tote Bag

Self-sacrifice Organic Tote Bag

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The Boddevi “Self-sacrifice is so last season” Tote bag makes a statement for sure. It declares that the old ways of proving your worth or goodness through self-sacrifice are well and truly over. 

This is your message to the world that you will no longer diminish or hurt yourself or deny your needs, for the sake of others. This is not just a fashion statement, but a declaration of personal freedom and self-worth. 

So use your Boddevi "Self-sacrifice is so last season" tote with pride, knowing that you are part of a movement that values self-love and self-care above all else. It's time to break free from the chains of self-sacrifice and embrace a new era of self-acceptance.

This one of a kind art design is lovingly written and drawn by Taryn and Robyn.


Product Specification

Organic Cotton Tote Bag. Twill Weave (170gsm). 37 x 42 cm (7cm gusset.) Made in India / Designed on the Isle of Wight. Wash Cool, Hang Dry.

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