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Love Bomber - Tribe

Love Bomber - Tribe

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We recognise that while fashion is definitely about looking good, it is also about how a garment makes you feel.

The Boddevi Love Bomber jacket is designed for joy and comfort.

We want you to feel that glimmer of a loving hug when you wear one.

Intentionally all of our jackets feature a subtle gold fleck that glimmers in the sunlight, so that when you put one on, you are reminded to look for the potential glimmers all around you.

Note: A glimmer is a term coined by behavioural neuroscientist Stephen Porges to describe cues and experiences that invoke a sense of joy and safety in the nervous system.


Product Specs

- Handmade in India
- Silk & viscose blend with fleece inner
- Elasticated neck, sleeve & waist
- Zip front with pockets
- Available in small, medium & large

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